Take a peek at what I do! See the studio and imagine yourself melting away in this luxury oasis.

  1. massage
    Treat Your Feet
    Add on a 15-minute foot massage upgrade or foot scrub. Your tootsies will thank you!
  2. hot stone massage
    Hot Stone Massage
    So deeply relaxing. Optimal for someone who likes light to medium pressure but needs a deep tissue effect.
  3. facial skincare chemical peel
    Facials and Chemical Peels
    Man, woman...we all need to take care of our skin to prevent cancer, fight aging, and feel great in our skin for years to come.
  4. waxing
    Unwanted hair? Going on vacation? Waxing is the perfect way to get rid of unwanted hair on any area of the body with fast and immediate results.
  5. reflect and restore spa
    Reflect & Restore Spa
    A Luxury Studio Experience
  6. massage
    Hand Massage
    Are your hands exhausted from kids, typing, cooking, cleaning, driving...pretty much everything?! Your hands need some love and attention. Add on a Paraffin Dip for your tired hands for only $5!
  7. massage spa
    Hot Oil Scalp Treatment
    The ultimate in spa luxury! Slow, deep scalp massage helps your mind to unwind while custom mixed oils and essential oils hydrate and soothe the skin and hair.
  8. eyelash eyebrow tint wax
    Lash and Brow Tint
    Darken and polish your natural lashes and brows. Quick, easy, and perfect for a special occasion or just day-to-day perfection.
  9. deep tissue massage
    Deep Tissue Massage
    Needing some serious rehab? Deep tissue massage and stretching is perfect for someone needing tension release and a powerful treatment.
  10. utah massage
    Reflect. Restore.
    "Take the time to reflect inwardly. Allow yourself time to rest and relax. Restore your body, energy, and soul. Feel refreshed and renewed."
  11. massage spa
    Melt Away...
    A dimmed, quiet room is optimal for relaxation and restoration.
  12. skincare facials
    Aromatherapy mist welcomes you into a tranquil space.
  13. salt lake city spa
    Element: Water
    A soft, trickling fountain in the background relaxes your mind and helps everything fade away
  14. facials chemical peels skincare
    Image Skincare
    No matter your skin type and concerns, there's something here for you. Natural and scientifically-proven results!
  15. massage therapy spa
    All for You.
    Plush, heated, adjustable, and grounded with the Earth's energy, this table will comfort and suit any body type.
  16. massage
    Take your time changing before and after your treatment. No rush, no hurry, no worries.
  17. facials
    You deserve to be treated like royalty, your throne awaits.
  18. utah massage therapy and skincare
    Soften & Soothe
    These soft, high-quality spa linens are perfect to snuggle into and de-stress
  19. massage therapy spa
    The Himalayan salt lamp provides a soft, warm glow while providing cleaner air and essential energy.